Deerma Shoe Sterilizer & Dryer


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There’s nothing more uncomfortable than itchy feet, smelly feet and other medical conditions like athlete’s foot. Bacteria and fungus can grow in the shoes we wear everyday, especially if our footwear is not well-maintained.

This intelligent, scientifically-designed shoe dryer solves the problem. It has ceramic ozone generator inside which oxidizes and infiltrates each fiber in the shoe, decomposes odor and inhibits the growth of fungus.

Four modes are available: standard mode, leather shoes mode, weak wind mode for thin shoes and ozone mode for smelly shoes. The machine heats evenly, with a short drying time. Automatic shutdown can be set with a choice of 30,60,120 and 180 minutes


Package size: 35cm x 25cm x 15cm

Weight: 1.5 kg


Shoe Sterilizer & Dryer

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